Drag Queen Funerals Australia

Adding a little sparkle

to remember life and love

Sandy Bottom Australia’s First Legal Drag Queen Funeral Celebrant and Director started her career in Entertainment, Weddings and Funerals almost 30 years ago.

Herself and her team at Drag Funerals Australia offers a unique understanding on providing everyone the peace of mind that life will be remembered with a little sparkle.

With a aim to do funerals unique, fun, entertaining, with meaning of love and a place to tell a story of someones life is everything that Drag Queen Funerals Stands For.

Drag Queen Funerals offer everything to provide your love one with the best care, and the most amazing send off, by representing everyone as equal through a drag queen send off.

Contact our team, as we offer affordable, honest funeral directors and funeral arrangement services to you and your loved ones.

We’re With You Every Step of The Way

We offer full funeral directors services at a extremely up front affordable rates to you and your family


     A high rate of people Pre- Plan their funeral prior to leaving this world, let us help you have the send off that you have always wanted, and your way.


Let us take care of everything for you and your family. Our team of experts will look after all the arrangements, and offer the right advice to make it perfect.

Burial & Cremation

No matter the choice of Burial or Cremation our team will organise all the movements, bookings for your love ones.

Our services are state wide and organise burial and cremation services through our network of trusted local Funeral Services.

Funeral Services

Our Funeral Services offer a chance for your family to say goodbye in a loving caring and unique way.

We provide funeral services with lots of love, we get to know you and your family and we are honest and open all the way.

But most of all its about giving a send off to someone that wants to shine.

Grief Support

Our team at Drag Queen Funerals Australia offers support when you need it most. Our team helps you through the endless decisions and options to help say goodbye. As part of our service we try to add some relief in your hurt by adding our family touch, who help you keep your head high even when your down.

About Us

Sandy Bottom is Australia’s most respected and known Drag Queen Entertainer and also Australia’s first Drag Queen Civil Wedding Celebrant and Funeral Celebrant.

She decided to open up Funeral Directors Services as no one in Australia offered Funerals using colour, laughter and love and most of all with Dignity, Respect, Glamour and Sparkle.


Drag Queen Funerals Australia is a Service that offers Drag Queens as part of a Funeral Service, and also Funeral Celebrant Services, using unique locations, families homes, favourite places and or traditional funeral services. 

Our Services


Cremation services are available Australia Wide, and also locally here in Sydney. Our team will organise transport, and all the nessary paperwork for your loved one to be transported and delivered either back home or at a burial site. 

Transporting remains to another city

Our personalised transport service can be used to transfer to where ever needed. 

Receiving Remains from another city

For bodies in other cities our transportation team can organise your loved one to be transfered to another city if needed. 

Custom Memorial Services

Every funeral service is handwritten and designed for your loved one. Each memorial service is unique and specialised to make sure that laughs can also be heard from the tears. 

Direct Burial

We offer one of the most affordable direct burial services which then if needed can have a specialised memorial at a later date or just a simple wake if needed. 


All our services are guaranteed using professional contracted services across the state. This also allows us to keep our costs low and affordable. 

Church Funeral

Our Funeral Directors allow you to use a Church with either your choice of Funeral Celebrant or with One of ours. We have some non denominational independent options to suit every family also.

Graveside Service

Our team can negotiate and organise your graveside services. We use professional grave side service providers that offer a understanding and quality services that are affordable and reliable. 

Viewing prior to cremation

We use facilities across the state in line with independent operator’s, which give peace and mind for families to have a viewing prior to the cremation or funeral.  

Private viewing

No matter what the request we can help you in having peace of mind. Our providers offer private viewing options at the North Western Facility just out of Sydney. 


Where do you Start?

The most asked question for every person that calls and askes for help. We want to make your transition of arrangements easy. We get to know you, help tell your story and build on a range of options that make your funeral extra special. No matter if you want to keep it simple or make a statement our team provides the best of care to make everyone stand out and be seen. 


Online Planning

Easy Consultations

Pre Funding

Download Guide

 Planning Ahead Alleviates Pressure when the Time Comes

We understand that during times of looking after people, sorting our their affairs or even finding the right person to get the answers, we will always be their to help you through the choices and options to plan the time when needed. 

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